Welcome to our mission is to provide a safe and healthier way to live a pain free balanced life. Each of our products are created and made with high quality recipes.  All natural and non GMO ingredients guaranteed.  GrowGod is naturally  providing a one stop shop for all your organic, all natural, herbal, and crystal infused products.  

How Was Born

The Full Story

At, our mission is to deliver a unique collection of items to each customer’s home, every single month - which is why we have a dedicated team of professionals who create and develope  quality items to include in each box.


Our company was born from a desire to give people all natural non GMO alternative pain relief and provide true joy in a package filled with premium quality THC/CBD and Crystal infused products delivered straight to your doorstep. We figured out how to take advantage of technology in order to turn that desire into a lifestyle. Subscribe now and get intune with YOURCELLF